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What is the woodstock collaboration?

One Venue, 7 Models, 5 Photographers and a whole lotta creativity and fun!


Whether you are an aspiring model or a  professional model looking to start your portfolio, enhance your portfolio or just get content for your socials and OF it doesn't matter this is the place for you. Mingle and network with like minded creatives. 


This ethos also goes for you photographers whether just starting out or a fully fledged photographer, this is a great opportunity to    start or enhance your portfolio, develop your skills and bounce ideas with other individuals. 


The Collaboration day will be a monthly event at a different location chosen selectively to make sure you cannot fail to make beautiful imagery. Each event will be 6 hours long so plenty of time to move around and work with each individual bringing to life your ideas.


Key Highlights:


Pre-production Planning: Once the collaboration is finalized and the creatives have signed up, the collaborative effort begins. Models and photographers work together to arrange logistics such as scheduling, casting other team members (such as makeup artists and stylists), securing permits or locations, and organizing the necessary equipment.


Photoshoot Execution: During the actual photoshoot, models and photographers work closely together to bring the concept to life. The photographer guides the model on posing, expressions, and composition, while the model brings their unique style and interpretation to the shoot. Effective communication and understanding between the model and photographer are crucial to achieving the desired results.


Creative Exchange: Throughout the photoshoot, models and photographers exchange ideas and feedback. They experiment with different angles, lighting setups, poses, and wardrobe choices to capture the desired aesthetic. This collaborative process often leads to unexpected creative discoveries and unique shots that may not have been envisioned initially.


Post-production: Once the photoshoot is complete, the collaboration extends to the post-production stage. Photographers edit the images to enhance their overall quality, while models may provide input on selecting the final images or suggest minor adjustments if needed.


Benefits of Collaborating:


Enhanced creativity: Combining the perspectives and expertise of models and photographers leads to more innovative and diverse ideas, resulting in visually striking imagery.

Efficient workflow: Collaborations enable effective planning and execution, ensuring that both the model and photographer are aligned in terms of expectations and objectives.

Networking opportunities: Collaborating with photographers allows models to expand their professional network, potentially leading to future work and collaborations.

Portfolio enhancement: Models and photographers can mutually benefit from collaborating by obtaining high-quality images that showcase their talents and contribute to their portfolios.

Overall, collaborations between models and photographers foster a creative synergy that elevates the final output and contributes to a successful and visually compelling project.


Don't miss this incredible opportunity to embark on a transformative journey in modelling & photography.  The Woodstock Collaboration is the key to unlocking your potential and taking your passion for modelling & photography to new heights. Join us for an enriching experience that will leave you inspired, equipped, and ready to create stunning visual stories.


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How much is the collab day?

The day is priced at just £200 PP.

What's included with my package?

Ran by Danny Woodstock, the Woodstock Collaboration is a 6 hour event typically between 11.00-17.00,  lunch is also included in the event. Join us and create or enhance your skills while having a whole lotta fun.

When is the next AVAILABLE event?

Thursday 25th July 2024

venue: 23 Paul Street

  2 Model and 5 Photographer spaces left

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Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!



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